Pillow Talk: Working Space


VAU proudly presents “Pillow Talk: Working Space”, the third in a series of discussion events hosted by artists invited by VAU, to engage with the public on a number of issues surrounding contemporary art.

This Pillow Talk will be held at the Blue Lamp jazz bar in Aberdeen as part of the Look Again Festival 2016, and will focus on the varied types of spaces which artists work in. Not just the typical painter’s studio, we’ll be hearing about production facilities and workshop spaces, vast factory or warehouse spaces, makeshift studios in the likes of garage or sheds, and even where artists’ work when they have no access to a studio or have no need for one!

We are delighted to announce our guest speakers for the event will include internationally renowned painter Kate Downie, printmaker and Gray’s School of Art tutor Michael Agnew, Sara Gallie from Scottish Sculpture Workshop and recent graduate artist Alexander Champion.

For tickets, please visit:www.pillowtalkworkingspace.brownpapertickets.com

Let us know you’re coming through our Facebook event page here:https://www.facebook.com/events/482295621961685/

A big thanks to Look Again Festival, SMART and their partners for kindly supporting this event.

VAU Sonica Talks


VAU is proud to host guest talks for the Sonica Arts Festival. From the 30th of October, Talks will be held in the CCA and the Lighthouse in relation to many different areas of discussion.


Get your FREE tickets to all four of VAU Sonica Talks, as well of lots of other exciting Sonica Events online now at musicglue.com/cryptic

For more information on the Sonica Festival visit sonic-a.co.uk

Nick Gordon – Apo Path


VAU Studio Holder Nick Gordon has currently an exhibition running in The VAU Corridor! If you’d like to come see, please email hello@vau.org.uk to arrange a time to View the exhibition and catch up for a wee chat and cup of tea!


Pillow Talk: Emerging Years

VAU proudly presents… “Pillow Talk”, a new series of discussion events hosted by artists invited by VAU to engage with the public on a variety of contemporary art issues.

The first in the series was held in the Main Gallery at Southblock in Glasgow, with the discussion focussing on the emerging years of artists: their backgrounds, how they started out and the challenges they face in establishing their practice.

VAU were delighted to have The Brownlee Brothers, Peter Chalmers, Toby Paterson and David Shrigley on the panel for this event, who each discussed and shared their own experiences when starting out.