Melpomeni Irakleous

Artist Statement

Experiences both personal and shared, are key elements to Melpomeni’s work. Melpomeni is an everyday observer who is fascinated by the small unnoticed things, glimpses and shapes of everyday life that she combines to form her paintings.
Been primarily influenced from visual surroundings and found images, her work is representational with abstract elements to it. Melpomeni re-arranges the ‘products’ in front of her which could sometimes be ‘foreign to each other’, altering them in shape, colour or size in order to create her paintings. In re-imagining and altering these 'first images' Melpomeni attempts to encapsulate the awkwardness and slight imbalance of a moment or environment.
In re-imagining and re-orchestrating the elements in front of her, Melpomeni is introducing an element of narrative and allows for multiple interpretations and story scenarios. A part of a story which is yet to be continued or even discovered by the viewer.