Peter Chalmers

Artist Statement

I love making. Knowing that I am going to make something, the question I often ask of myself is what to make? In answering my question, I know that the journey and result will demand surprise.

Working largely from newspapers and magazines, collage is central to the development and subsequent discovery of an image. I know that an image is ‘found’ when I have a balance between visual honesty and visual opportunity. Visual honesty being the acknowledgement of the painted surface: paint being paint, and visual opportunity being the awareness of what paint is capable of doing: creating an illusion of space.

The relationship between support & frame and frame & wall is also important to my practice. The framing and attachment can in fact be the piece, or make the piece. My research makes reference to the tradition of icon painting. An implicit or explicit religious tone can have playful connotations when I ask myself ‘What to make?’.