Rachel Currie

Artist Statement

“All sites of enforced marginalization – ghettos, shanty towns, prisons, madhouses, concentration camps – have something in common with zoos.”
John Berger

Through my work I try to explore aspects of our relationships with animals.

I am driven by the idea of speciesism, which in turn questions whether or not non-human animals have souls.

In a world where humans sit at the top of the food chain, other living creatures seem only to be used as a means to serve our lifestyles.

From food and clothing, to transport and heating, the living and dying of animals is accepted as a necessity to maintain modern societies and economic systems.

The work I produce is an exploration of the settings in which we keep animals, environments that can be harmful both physically and psychologically.

I attempt to recreate these settings from the perspective of a soul bearing being and in the process give voice to those living creatures that suffer for our convenience and have no means of communicating on our level.