Ginny Elston

Artist Statement

Colour as a surface quality, colour as volume, colour as a condition of things.

I make large-scale, colourful installations based on paintings, drawings and prints that spill out of the confines of their frames. They incorporate the surrounding space, including walls, floors and intriguing objects I’ve gathered. I’m interested in staging these works in a specific space, whilst remaining true to their original content.

Curious relationships between painting and philosophy have begun to emerge in my practice. I’ve come to see such concepts as chaos, order and the intuitive thinking-painting process reflect themselves through varied formations of shapes, colours and textures. I'm interested in exploring the boundaries of where painting ends and sculpture begins, and where the exhibiting space ends and where the ‘works’ begin. I enjoy bringing together an array of diverse visual languages in what I do, reflecting the endless possible ways of visually responding to the world around us.